When we moved to Virginia, I was under the impression that when it (infrequently) snowed here, the snow generally melted off within a day.  The two feet of snow we received in mid-December, which stayed on the ground for weeks, disabused me of that notion!  That lesson has been reinforced by three (!) additional snowstorms since then.  The latest one, described by the weather service as one of  “epic proportions” was actually less serious here than it was to the north in Washington DC and Maryland, but it still added a good foot of snow to what we already had.  As of the time of this post, over half a million households in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are without power, but our home happily is both lit and warm.  But since it’s only early February, who knows lays ahead?  Click here for more snowscape pictures from these past several weeks.

Family note: Tim has posted pictures from his and Megan’s Xmas visit at his Popcorn Farmer blog: http://www.popcornfarmer.com/2010/01/christmas-2009-part-1/.  And Monika has pictures from our visit to Dave and Sue and our latest grandchild, Paityn Marie at her Oma’s World blog at http://oma711.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-beginnings.html