Planting for our spring garden began last fall, when we planted garlic and onions in October.  After an unusually snowy winter, we planted in March peas, turnips,  a variety of greens, including lettuce, an Asian “stir-fry” mix, and collards, and have been munching on these since April.  (We also planted potatoes, which have recently been in bloom.) The pea season pretty much ended this week, but we’ve both enjoyed fresh and frozen away abundant garden, snow, and snap peas.  Today I pulled out most of the peas and replaced them with a second planting of pole beans (the first planting is already almost up to the top of the trellis).  And as if to symbolize the transition to summer vegetables, a half-dozen or so of golden and green zucchini will be ready to pick tomorrow!

Who will be the first to identify the curving stalk in this picture?
(Hint: it’s a current rage among foodies)