We’ve had a generally mild and snowless winter–until mid-afternoon yesterday.  This was our hens’ first experience of snow, and they didn’t take to it.  They promptly headed not just into their run, but most of them continued right on into the henhouse.  In mid-morning when we open up the outer door to the run, the hens generally come charging out: today one black australorp gingerly took a few steps out, looked back at all the others who were hesitating, and ran back in herself. (Cold by itself they have no problem with.  But chickens are…chicken.)

In any case, Monika and I enjoyed the snowy afternoon and evening by our wood stove, and then the beautiful vistas in the sun this morning, here and down by the Tye River.    By afternoon, the four inches of snow were rapidly melting away.  And the hens were pecking away at the remaining small clumps of snow.

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