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To celebrate the complete cure of Holly’s hepatitis-c, which she has battled for twenty five years, Holly and I took a two-week Caribbean cruise between January 2nd and 14th.  It was on the Celebrity Summit, partly chosen because it is an older ship that still looks like one, but also because Celebrity has a reputation for particularly fine food, which it definitely lived up to.  Over the two weeks, we visited ten different Southern Caribbean islands.  And along the way we became engaged!  (And Holly, temporarily at least, got dreadlocks!)

In such beautiful settings, we couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures, which I’ve culled and organized mostly island by island.  Click on the links to see pages of relevant pictures (which in turn can be clicked on to see a larger image).

Old San Juan pictures (our departure point and final destination

Tortola (British Virgin Islands): gorgeous mountains and sea

Dominica: rain forests, waterfalls, raging rivers, terrible roads

Martinique: France in the Caribbean, historic buildings, a fabulous botanical garden

St. Kitts: touring the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts , climbing a Volcano, Brimstone Hill Fortress,

Barbados: remnants of sugar barons and slavery, a tour along two coasts

St. Lucia: the famous Pitons, spectacular scenery where the mountains meet the oceans, an excellent nature walk

Antigua: an ecotour via boat: outlying islands, rock formations, vegetation and wild life, swimming and snorkeling

St. Maarten: Dutch and French influences, a nice cafe, strolling and shopping

Days and Nights at Sea on the Celebrity Summit