Our 14 hens have been averaging 10-13 eggs per day for the past several weeks, and today our cumulative total surpassed 500!  Since we can’t watch the laying boxes inside the coop all the time, we’re not absolutely sure if all the hens are laying (we think that one black australorp is not yet ready) and which eggs come from which hen, although we’re pretty sure that the darker brown eggs come from the Barred Rocks.   Monika continues to spoil her “babies” rotten with special treats, which they gobble up with great gusto.   I guess cold and dark winter days may test us down the road, but so far we enjoy the routine and structure that caring for our flock gives our life here.  And they remain fun and fascinating to watch!

Below, some recent pictures and a link to more…



click here for more (annotated) pictures

p.s. We haven’t been eating all these eggs.  We’ve been sharing them with friends and neighbors.