Moni and our Christmas tree at home

Nic and Alison stopped by on their way north before Christmas, and we had dinner at the recently-opened restaurant of the Wild Wolf Brewery, which, while having the best food of the three Nelson County breweries, didn’t quite meet expectations.  Still, we had a good time (and the beer remains great) and we plan to go back when the beer garden opens up in warmer weather.  Tim and Megan also stopped by on their way back from Lynchburg after Christmas.


In between, Monika and I drove up to John and family in Maryland, crossing the Potomac via White’s Ferry, and spending a delightful Christmas Eve and Christmas with John, Calista, Cally, Sylvia and Hazel (dog).  While we went lightly on presents, they thoughtfully gave us a dehydrator, which we’ve already put to work drying apple slices, with delicious results.  More dehydrating reports sure to follow.

click here for more pictures of Christmas in Maryland