After having become accustomed to home-grown garlic from last year’s harvest, it was traumatic to run out around March and have to resort to the anemic stuff in the supermarkets.  So this year I planted more cloves and more varieties, and this past week harvested and began the curing process for 120 bulbs, including some of the largest I’ve ever seen.  This year’s varieties include four from last year (Music, Brown Tempest, Inchellium Red, S&H Silverstein) and two new ones I picked up at the Montecello Harvest Festival last fall: Appalachian Red and Romanian Red.  It also proved to be the time to start harvesting onions and to complete harvesting the spring turnip and kohlrabi crop.

As the picture above shows, even a larger-than-usual storebought garlic doesn’t come close in size to most of our homegrown ones–and the taste difference is even greater!

some more pictures here