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So far we haven’t met a season down here we didn’t like, and fall has been characterized by clear days, nice temperatures, and lovely colors.  The pictures above show our dirt road and our little forest, our house and vegetable garden on the hill, and our storage cottage (formerly a kennel) in the back.  We’ve yet to have a frost, so our spider and other flowers are still in bloom.

While the views and colors at home are pretty spectacular, we’ve taken several rides on and around the Blue Ridge Parkway.  In addition to the pictures above and below, others are available by clicking here.

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This little gray tree frog appeared on our back deck last week, confirming that our little pond had successfully spawned not just green frogs, but gray (“common”) tree frogs as well.  It was about three-quarters of an inch long and will grow to be about two inches long.  (In addition to our observations, much of what we know about the frogs and toads on our property comes from the Stokes Nature Guide on Amphibians and Reptiles , a great book in a great series, which focuses on the life course and ecology of animals and plants.)

Below: a southern toad from a nearby hike in the mountains, which we’ve also seen in our yard.  (We’ve seen several large American toads as well.)