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A few photos from the wonderful stream of great pictures taken by Nic and Alison (as usual, click on pictures to see a larger image)



I like to experiment with different varieties of garlic; this year I planted Inchellum Red (from stock from last year’s harvest), Music, and Georgian Fire (mail ordered from a supplier in Maine).  Planting of garlic cloves takes place in the fall, generally September.  Presumably because of our rainy and cloudy spring, the plants matured more slowly than usual, and so harvest didn’t take place until July 3rd, several weeks later than usual.  Several dozen onions I’d planted were also pulled.  All are now curing in the kennel outbuilding.  Curing usually takes about one to two months, although one can “cheat” at any time for fresh pesto and other summer delights.

By late July, this Rampicanti Zucchini Squash weighed 15 pounds and was 48 inches long!  It will disappear into many loaves of zucchini bread!