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Above: Megan prepares her fabulous chocolate crust for her Grand Marnier Torte; First arrivals for Spanish seafood soup supper; preparing pies made from fresh pumpkins and apples.

Below: Tim takes charge of the turkey; Holly decorates the table; pies and desserts multiply.

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Above: Holly, her sister Constance, Marybeth, Alison, Tim, Megan, Katherine, Justin, Lew, Martha, Nic, Eleanor, Bob (invisible taking pictures, but appears below).

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Above: Bob and Wednesday arrivals; Monika’s Holiday Cactus continues to bloom, as do our memories.

We expected 15, but unfortunately both Kristina and Holly’s son John came down with the flu or some similar malady at the last moment.  But it was a lovely gathering and the food, contributed by all, was plentiful and great!

For a year that started so tragically, I feel I have much to be thankful for.