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 The flow of loving and caring visitors has made our little place seem like a pilgrimage site at times: it’s been profoundly moving to see how many family and friends have found time to journey down to our “boonies” here to see Monika.  In the past month it’s been great to reconnect here with a number of former Rutgers colleagues: Julianne Baird and Ed Mauger, Ted Goertzel and his wife Linda, and Bill Whitlow.  Next in line: a German wave!

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Tim and Megan helped us choose and harvest a tree at a tree farm near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Montebello and then decorate it back at our home.  Monika the next day made an advent wreath at Grace Church.  It’s impossible to overstate how much she looks forward to the arrival around Christmas of the three “grown” grandchildren/cousins: Cally, Danny, and Sylvia!