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This year for the first time I am experimenting with fluorescent grow lights, and so “spring planting” actually began on February 19.  My makeshift system appears to have worked well, and has produced over 100 seedlings: herbs (mainly parsley and basil), vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and lettuce); and flowers (mainly cosmos and zinnias).  It’s been fun to watch their progress and make the necessary adjustments in the lighting, and so far the parsley and lettuce has been transplanted into the early spring garden.  In addition, I’ve planted from seed peas (garden, snow, and snap), spinach, swiss chard, arugula, mixed greens, lettuce, and cilantro, along with onion sets.  From last fall, two raised beds of four varieties of garlic are also coming along.

In the process, Tim and Megan were pressed into service moving dirt and Nic for removing a stump that turned out to be under ground in my newly-dug potato patch.

Above: Bob cuts seed potatoes into planting pieces; Bob with seed potatoes in three trenches;  Monika anticipates good German-style eating! (All four potato varieties chosen, Satina, Carola, Romanze, and German Butterball, are German in origin.)

Witnessed on the day President Obama signed into law a bill
expanding health care coverage and outlawing such industry
practices as denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions