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             Many more pictures and happy memories to follow!

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Early spring was unseasonably cold this year, but fortunately that did not prevent the explosion of color in early April.  Our vegetable garden is well underway, with a large variety of lettuces and other greens coming along nicely.  New flowers appear almost daily; the pictures above show our flowering Crabapple, Weeping Cherry, red bud, and dogwood .





Apart from celebrating my sister’s birthday with her son Justin, his wife Katherine, and their sweet son Harvey, we spent a day at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), where Holly had been alerted to a fascinating exhibit about the early 20th century Brazilian artist, Tarsila do Amaral.  A few pictures Holly took of her work are included below:




We also explored artifacts from ancient Egypt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we also enjoyed music, wine and snacks on the balcony, and where Holly checked out some old friends.