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We had a brief taste of winter in early December, but the rest of the month was chilly but mostly snowless, except in the mountains.  Longtime friends from Delaware arrived on December 19th, followed in the days ahead by Lyara, John, and Lonni (and a menagerie of dogs).  Much good eating and wine drinking ensued, along with a trip to the Blackfriers Playhouse in Staunton and a birthday luncheon for Holly at the Boar’s Head Inn.  (Note: as usual, click on the pictures to get a larger version.)

















Yes, there was reason to celebrate Doug Jones’ win over Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate, but down in Mobile Felix here is responding, according to Nic’s Facebook post, to the the directive: Raise your hands if you’re getting a baby sister in April!   Very exciting news for the whole family!