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We had a delightful Christmas with Tim, Megan, Nic, and Alison.  Tim and Megan helped bring us into the modern technological era by helping us install a flatscreen TV, to replace the old-fashioned 14 inch screen Monika once fished out of a dumpster!  Alison won the Godiva chocolate prize for reaching the 11 card straight in Recipe (evoking memories of 94-year old Virginia Page, currently in the hospital, who taught us the game).  Nic added to our woodpile and shows promise as a knitter, and Tim presented us with a wonderful illustrated narrative of the hike five of us took last summer in the White Mountains.  And of course, food as always kept us together around the table…

New Year’s Postscript: The Xmas aftermath turned out to be less merry.  Although he didn’t realize it at the time, Bob came down with the flu on Christmas Eve, and that flu spread first to Monika and then to Nic, Tim, and Megan.  Only Alison (already exposed at school to just about every malady known to humans) remained immune.  By New Year’s, everyone was on the mend in varying degrees.


We were a cozy group of four for Thanksgiving.  Tim and Megan joined me in climbing up to Humpback Rocks in the morning, their first time there.  Lots of fellow hikers, but the rocks and the views are always spectacular.

Two weeks later, we headed up to Pennsylvania to celebrate our grand-daughter Paityn’s birthday with Dave, Sue and brother Cody.  John came up from Maryland as well.  Both kids were adorable, and it was great to have an extended period of time with them and their parents, since we don’t travel much these days.



We stopped off in Maryland on the way back to see Sylvia (now a high school senior and recently accepted by Harvard!) perform in the Montgomery County Youth Orchestra concert.  Tim and Megan joined us.  Below: a picture of Sylvia from afar, and family spectators.