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Apart from a few flurries, our first snow of the season came on February 16-17.  At about six inches, it was nothing compared to what New England has been getting, but digging out the driveway was nonetheless good exercise.  Snow always gives our Nelson County landscapes a special grandeur and texture.









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In late January, Holly and I took Amtrak to New York City to spend five days visiting Eleanor and exploring the city.  Highlights included the Museum of Natural History/Hayden Planetarium, Ellis Island, the views from the “Top of the Rock,” exploring various city neighborhoods, eating well at neat restaurants, stocking up at Zabar’s, and getting to see Justin and Katherine along with Eleanor.  We left on the day the “snowstorm of the century” was expected to arrive, but the storm veered out to sea and New York City got less than a foot of snow.

click here for pictures of our trip
(courtesy of Holly and her cellphone)